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I have been taking yoga classes in the newton/watertown/Wellesley/needham area for 10 years. I practiced on my own prior to that for several years. I have to say, YogaPower studio has by far the BEST yoga teachers in the Area. Jen, Deb, Katie, Adena, et al are fantastic. The best part is they challenge you and take your yoga to a new level. However, for the beginner's in the room, they offer hands on 1:1 suggestions and attention I've never seen in another studio. The studio is very clean and not so hot you feel like you are going to pass out and end up drained the rest of the day. Parking is a breeze and you never have to worry about getting any "attitude" or people selling you their books or CD's, etc. Just really nice and friendly instructor's who genuinely care about teaching people and helping people take their yoga to a new level. Trust me, you will never be bored or feel overwhelmed here. It's by far the best studio around! Oh, one other benefit, the room is very large and spacious, so you never ever have to worry about having someone's foot or butt in your face while you are practicing, or their sweat dripping on you! Love this place....Susan M.

I took the 8:30 all levels class on Saturday morning while I was visiting a friend in the area this weekend. I thought the pace of the class was great, and I really enjoyed Jen's teaching style. Front desk was really friendly, and the studio had a very unpretentious atmosphere. Another thing I absolutely loved was the class and room size- Jen mentioned that it was a 'big' class, but there was still plenty of space. The studio I usually frequent in Philadelphia has an extremely packed Saturday morning class, with about an inch of two of space between mats. There was much more room to breathe at YogaPower! - Christine E.

I'm a beginner who tried yoga 2 years ago and went regularly for about a month until life got hectic and I hadn't done it since until last week. Since I moved to the greater Boston area I had been casually looking for a place to replace my old studio. I chose YogaPower because the classes seemed to be a similar style (power yoga, heated). The studio itself is very nice with ample room to change and cubbies for storage of clothes as well as two bathrooms and showers. So far I have taken classes with Jen, Christina (x2), Deb and Katie. I liked all of their classes and their different teaching styles was great for variation. I love that when I leave my body feels like it's had a great work out and my mind is free of stress. - Casey M.

LOVE this studio. I am always challenged and never bored. The teachers focus on correct alignment so you both feel safe and get the best possible workout. The classes are always different so you don't get tired of the same routine. If you stick with a consistent practice here, you'll be so impressed watching your body become stronger. I also love that this studio is lighter on the "new-age" spirituality. The teachers are all super down-to-earth and provide great assistance to both advanced yogis and newbies.

Since buying the studio, Jen has completed some wonderful renovations that contribute to the relaxing environment. The studio is always clean and there's always plenty of space. Plus, FREE parking. They also don't make it too hot which is awesome for getting the best workout-- it's warm enough so you'll stretch and sweat but not too hot that you'll feel weak or be drenched in sweat.

I'm so sad to be leaving Waltham-- I've never found a studio that compares! - Simone S.

I was a devoted runner who came to yoga with very low expectations in my late-40's and 4 years later I think I am in better head-to-toe shape than I have ever been. Yogapower was my first stop on this yoga journey and it is hands down my favorite place to practice. Each instructor has a slightly different twist (sometimes literally) that keeps yoga fresh for me and challenges me to go a little deeper or work on that thing that I thought I would never be able to do ... and can now! Walking out of yogapower after a challenging class is a tremendous feeling; the world just feels like a better place. Thank you Jen for keeping the yogapower flame burning and bringing your own warm and special touches to the studio! - Meg K.

yogapower has been my physical and emotional haven. My husband and I happily juggle our three boys' schedule so we can make it to the studio every week. Jen has guided and modified my practice so I've been able to continue power yoga while recovering from my athletic injuries. Jen's teaching style centers and calms my mind while also challenging my body. Chris and Adena have helped me push my edge and strengthen my body. Through my practice I have developed greater strength and in turn, greater flexibility. I consider yogapower to be a vital part of my life. Even on the busiest of days, making it to practice at yogapower is time that I relish whole heartedly. - Mary P.

I started taking classes at yogapower at the behest of my girlfriend back in late July 2013. I have to admit that my idea of yoga going into my first class was that it would be more a meditative and spiritual experience, than a true physical workout. I knew about a quarter of the way through my first class that I was dead wrong about yoga. It was an amazing workout, and after my second class, I was hooked. Making it to the classes on a regular basis became a priority of mine. I went as far as canceling my gym membership so as to free up more time to practice at yogapower. The studio is clean and everyone taking the classes is professional and modest, regardless of their level of expertise, making it a truly comfortable and judgement free experience. The teachers at yogapower are knowledgeable and helpful, and the number of "all levels" classes available make it easy for a student of any experience level to find time to get in a great practice. Although there are definitely some standouts, I find each instructor and class unique in its own way. It is truly an exceptional and friendly staff. - Joe C.

I resisted yoga for years. After being diagnosed with a congenital lower back injury at age twenty, and a severe back spasm five years later, I knew something needed to change in my daily life. I researched yoga studios in Waltham and yogapower studio popped up on my computer screen. Hesitantly, I went to the basics class. Never attending a yoga class and knowing very little about this exercise, I barely got through the first class. Yet, through the encouragement of fantastic teachers, I have been consistently practicing for six months with a virtually pain free back! My favorite part of this exercise is that it allows flexibility for each person, with their restraints (no pun intended!). I’ve always been completely open about my injury and each teacher has suggestions for modifying poses. Modification allows me to reap all of the benefits of yoga, with my body staying happy and healthy. I highly recommend this studio for individuals who are injured or not, to take a chance on a beautiful art form that can transform your life, inside and out. - Katherine L.

yogapower is an amazing yoga studio. The teachers create challenging, unique, and fun flows. Yet, they are aware and considerate of the different levels of students in the class, offering modifications for beginners and advanced students. What I have come to learn over the year and a half I have come to the studio nearly everyday is less about flows or modifications or the strength and flexibility of my body and more about the strength and flexibility of my mind. I have learned how and when to challenge myself and how and when to take a break both on and off my mat. I am so grateful to have found this place to practice how to balance on my head and in my heart. – Amity Q.

Recently my husband and I had to leave the gym where we had been taking yoga for seven years. We loved our yoga class there and thoroughly searched the area for a place to continue our dedicated practice. In all of our searching, none came close to the quality of your teachers and studio: Just yoga, all yoga, challenging thoughtful yoga, and no chatter. I appreciate yogapower's dedication to the practice of yoga and all it can do for you. You make it safe, clean, fun, meditative and affordable. We both feel lucky to have found this studio despite the half-hour commute three times a week. - Pam H.

I took my first class at yogapower about three years ago and I was instantly hooked! All of the teachers are absolutely inspirational and every single class is unique and challenging. yogapower really is a special place that is unlike any other studio I've been to, it is truly one of my favorite places to be!" - Meghan F.

I first started going to this studio for the convenient class times and studio location. I am hooked because of the skilled teachers and excellent classes. Each teacher brings a different approach, but all are challenging, talented, fun and offer constructive and personal feedback. The studio space is light and airy, and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. Love the temperature! It is a great place. – Hannah P.

A few years ago I was doing physical rehab for herniated cervical discs. The therapist told me that I needed to do more stretching to work on restoring the lost mobility and to strengthen the muscles. One of her suggestions was yoga. I was hesitant so I started doing a combination yoga/Pilates class at a local health club. It was OK, but I felt it was falling short of what I was looking for. My girlfriend (now my wife) had been going to yogapower for a number of years and she was very happy there. She signed me up for a beginner’s workshop and not long afterwards I was hooked. One of the things I felt missing from the health club approach was that the instructors led the class by doing the routines and left me wondering if I was doing the positions correctly. And the routines were choreographed and constant. So twice a week for three months I did the exact same 60 minute class. yogapower changed all of that. The Yogis are very watchful of the class and are always working with everyone to improve their practice. Renee and Adena, and all of the other yogis, really know how to help you get the most out of the practice. They are very encouraging and supportive, and they can coax more and more out of you when you think you have nothing left. And their classes are always different. You may do many of the same positions in every class but the transitions and sequences are always changing. So now I have been a regular at yogapower for about 2 1/2 years. I feel better than I have for a very long time. My neck and shoulders, while still in need of work, are getting stronger and my mobility is improved. But even more important, I went to yogapower for the physical benefits and found out that yoga is so much more. I am feeling more confident and more relaxed. I use yoga breath at work to help center me and to bring myself back to focus when I start to get stressed. I am still very new to yogapower but seeing what it has brought me in the few years I have been there, I most definitely look forward to where this path may lead me in the future. My only regret is that I didn’t start much sooner. - Joe R.

The teachers at yogapower are the best around. Over the past two years since becoming a student, I have been soulfully inspired, physically challenged, and spiritually transformed. The atmosphere is always positive, nurturing and fun! Also, love the background music :) - Sellena D.

Every single time I walk into yogapower, I walk out having learned something new. It could be about my practice, my body, my limits, or how far I can push myself. It has helped me grow and excel on my mat and in my running. The classes are fun and energetic, with music and heated classes, but the heat is not overwhelming. When I am sweating in class I want to know that it’s because I am working hard, not from the heat of the room. yogapower has made a difference in my life and I cannot imagine a week without it. I even have friends and colleagues noticing the ongoing changes and continued happiness the studio brings me. – Katherine G.

yogapower is not just a studio to practice yoga. If you want to truly understand how to learn and improve your poses, this is the only place to be. The instructors not only "instruct", but they watch us carefully so they can understand how to help us. You feel like the instructor is watching you and talking to you in positive and helpful ways. If you are looking to become more fit, healthier, more in touch with your body and even happier, yogapower is the only place to go. – Sabina F.

The classes at yogapower are a great combination of being challenging and fun. All of the teachers take an interest in the students and offer guidance, modifications and encouragement while helping them further their practice. – Dale F.

I am in my mid 30s and it took me this long to finally experience yoga for the first time. Everyone I knew who practiced some form of yoga loved the experience. What I didn't know is that I would get the hardest and most rewarding form of exercise through power yoga! My first yoga class was an awakening because it I worked muscles I didn't even know I had! While I continue to get challenged in every class, the reason why I continue to come back to yogapower is because the instructors allow the freedom to laugh, the strength to push harder, and the acceptance in all our yogi levels. The space is not intimidating and I love all the times available because my schedule is erratic. My yoga class is the treat I look forward to every week! Thank you yogis! - Kara

Whether my days are calm or stressful, easy or difficult, my sessions at yogapower inevitably become the highlight of my week: an intense, joyful, experience that leaves me drenched in sweat and emerging with the glow of accomplishment and peace. The teachers welcome me to stretch my capabilities (pun intended), while simultaneously inviting me to practice at my own level regardless of those around me. The perfect combination of motivation and acceptance, resulting in the perfect session for me every time." - Nicolas B.

I had been attending yoga classes in Boston for several years and felt like no matter what class I went to something was missing. One Sunday a friend of mine was going to Waltham and attend a class at yogapower. I had never been so I decided to come along. An hour and a half later I found what I had been looking for all those years. An inviting, warm atmosphere, a challenging, exciting flow taught by a knowledgeable and thoughtful instructor. I was hooked! Since then I have made yogapower a part of my weekly routine my abilities have increased and I have deepened my understanding of anatomy and asana. I highly recommend yogapower. Try it, you will never want to practice anywhere else. - Adrienne F.

It has been 3 years since I practiced at yogapower. I had moved far away and have had 3 children in the meantime. Though it has been 3 years I still fondly remember all the teachers at the studio and my time there. I found each teacher to be incredible and I was able to do more for my core than ever before. I not only found a great work out, but friends. I think yogapower is an incredible place to get a great work out and friends to go along with it. Thank you all for the time I had with you and no other studio or teachers has measured up!! - Tracey L.

yogapower quickly became my favorite place to practice. The studio, with its high ceilings and large windows, is both comfortable and inviting. The teachers are all dedicated to the practice and to your progression as a student of yoga. Since I have been practicing at yogapower I have been able to build my strength, deepen my practice and further discover the joy of yoga! I would highly recommend this studio and its teachers. - Lindsey P.

I started going to yogapower in November and always leave feeling really good; mentally and physically. I'm challenged by the poses and love when the teachers introduce new poses. It's a really great environment and I find that I get a lot more out of my yoga workouts than my gym workouts. I love it! – Kristen G.

Fun, inspiring and a better feel better after a session at yogapower than you did before, every time. - John M.

My experience at yogapower has been absolutely wonderful. Just by going once a week over the past couple months I have noticed a difference in my strength and flexibility. I also find myself benefiting mentally from yogapower. I leave each class feeling a more clear minded and peaceful than when I arrived. I have only wonderful things to say about yogapower. - Katie G.

I walked into yogapower doubtful and not knowing what to expect. I was skeptical and intimidated by yoga. The thought of touching my toes was terrifying. I left my 1st class and was hooked. Two years later I am still hooked. It's the best the studio! I really believe that the teachers make all the difference. They set the tone of the studio and make all levels feel welcome. There are poses that I struggle with and they constantly remind and support me that yoga is a practice and you will get there! - Andrea

I cannot say enough to recommend yogapower! The flow is creative, fun, and accommodating to all levels. The studio is well heated, the teaching is compassionate, and the workout is challenging. All of the teachers are fantastic and they each bring something different to the table. yogapower keeps my practice rounded and fresh, and the instructors are always available to answer questions or suggest modifications to help make a pose easier or more challenging. If you are considering yoga, I encourage you to drop in and check it out. See you at the studio! - Audrey H.

I’ve been coming to yogapower since shortly after it opened five years ago. The facility is clean and well maintained, and the instructors are LOVELY, every last one of them. I do have my favorites but have yet to attend a practice that I didn’t enjoy. Yogis of varying levels can easily merge into a class and make it work for them, with the guidance of the instructor. I’ve also organized a private class for my family which was a lot of fun, and a big hit. I’m often asked by friends and co-workers about the students and also want to note that the students at yogapower are kind and friendly, and happily quite varied in age and gender. – Rebecca C.

yogapower is my favorite studio in the Boston area! The studio is so clean and bright, the teachers are gifted, and I always leave feeling renewed and happy. The teachers are extraordinarily good at offering modifications for different levels, injuries, pregnancy, etc. - Jennie G.

For years I have been hearing the benefits of yoga and listening to other yogis talk about how addicted they were to their studio. I tried several studios and just never felt what these people felt. That all changed when I found Yogapower. This is the only studio that challenges me and keeps me coming back. The instructors are amazing. I learn something new everytime I go! There is no attitude here! I have been to other studios where it is all about what you wear or who you know. The minute you walk into Yogapower you feel at home. The people are welcoming and the instructors want to make you a better yogi. They want to make sure you are doing the poses properly and not hurting yourself. - Kimberly K.

I came to yogapower almost more than 3 years ago. I was an avid cardio junkie recovering from a pulled hamstring. My physical therapist recommended Hot Yoga as my next step to get the hamstring stretched. I walked into my first class hot yoga class ever at yogapower. All I can remember is I wanted the heat to be turned down, but I kept coming back because I liked the message, and I knew somehow this was going to be good for me. My personal trainer recently told me I had very flexible hamstrings - now I took that as a big compliment. I practice 2-3 times week and more if I can manage it. I can nail a tri-pod headstand, hold bound side bend, and my crow is getting there. It is great to always have something to work toward. – Debbi D.

A few years ago, my 20-year-old daughter and I (her 40-something mom) decided to go yoga studio shopping; my daughter had been diagnosed with lupus and as two formerly very active athletes, we thought yoga might be a good way for her to exercise and de-stress. Fortunately we found yogapower early in our foray. So much to love:
  • It is a kick-ass workout—anyone who thinks it is not, has not been to a power yoga class. I am a former competitive long-distance runner so I know physical challenge and a class at yogapower is quite remarkably an amazing full body workout.
  • The teachers, all with their own individual styles, share an ability to teach a serious class in a light-hearted way. It is a place where you can tip over or look foolish without feeling like a fool. They make it clear that something is hard for everyone, that our bodies are not created equal and that when you are on your yoga mat, it is only about you. I am pretty darn competitive in other places but the Yoga Power teachers good-humored, caring, down-to-earth style of teaching and correcting and complimenting and adjusting enables their students to just be about themselves.
  • Yoga Power is clean and the studio’s atmosphere is lovely without feeling "too precious." It is not a place where everyone is dressed in the latest most expensive yoga gear and the range of clothing, ages, body types, runs the gamut. The diversity is great. I truly think it is a place where anyone, no matter the background, would feel comfortable.
- Jane F.


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